Welcome to Emily Brown Ceramics.  The pieces shown on these pages are examples of items I often have in stock. My inventory fluctuates and I am always adding new work.  There are several ways you can view and purchase my pottery. Come visit my studio in Ojai, California.  This is a great way to see my work in progress and to see the largest selection of my pieces.  Join my email list to be notified of my open studio days.  My open studio days are also listed on my events page and on my instagram profile. Or please contact me to schedule a private studio visit, or to purchase my work remotely. Finally, follow me on instagram to see what’s hot out of the kiln.

This kiln is where the magic happens. It takes a few weeks to produce enough work to fill it, several hours to load it, and about 48 hours for a complete firing cycle. At it’s peak it reaches 2340 degrees Fahrenheit.